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Who are we?

Trondheim Film Club was founded on 17 October 1960 and is currently the country's oldest film club. Cinemateket Trondheim is run by Stiftelsen Cinemateket i Trondheim (org. no. 979553404MVA), which was established by Trondheim Filmklubb, Trondheim Kino, Trondheim municipality, NTNU and the Art Academy in Trondheim on 29 July 1993. 



(revised 30.03.2021)

§1. The name is Trondheim Film Club


§2. The purpose of the film club is to:

a) Promote interest in film as an art form and as a medium of information and entertainment.

b) Promote the study of film knowledge, i.e. assessment and understanding of film and the film's function in society. This is sought to be achieved by arranging film screenings, as well as lectures, discussions, study tours and printed/digital material. 

§3. The club is a closed association that arranges closed film screenings for members. Collaborative arrangements with other organizations are possible. 

§4. The membership fee is determined by the board. The membership card is strictly personal.


§5. The annual meeting is held by the end of March and is called with 14 days' notice. At the meeting, notices from the board, audits, accounts and any proposals are processed, and the board, chairman and finance officer are elected. The chairman and financial officer are the board's only authorized signatories.


§6. The board has a minimum of 5 and a maximum of 15 members. The board constitutes itself. 


§7. The club's activities are non-profit and do not have business as its purpose. The club's funds must be used exclusively in accordance with the purposes stated in §2. The club's board members must work free of charge. Any profit must go towards promoting the club's purpose.


§8. Proposals for changes to the articles of association must be sent in writing to the board at least 2 weeks before the annual meeting. Changes to the statutes can only take place when 2/3 of the members present vote for it at the annual meeting. 


Section 9. The film club can only be dissolved by the annual meeting if 2/3 of the members present vote for this and the agenda has been announced in advance. In the event of dissolution, any funds and other assets must be transferred to the Norwegian Film Club Association for the promotion of film club activities.


Section 10. Trondheim Filmklubb is a politically neutral organisation.


Postal address

Køpmannsgata 35

7011 Trondheim

visiting address

Cinematheque Trondheim

Køpmannsgata 48

7011 Trondheim

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